Just a brief synopsis of how of our Family came to be..

 McMurtry Clan of  Tennessee 
  John McMurtry Esq.1752-1841

Immigrant Thomas McMurtry (our ancestor) with his wife Mary and brothers Robert and Joseph as well as two sisters came to America from North Ireland about 1720 and settled in New Jersey, later they purchased a tract of land on the Delaware River taking in what is now the town of Belvedere.

Thomas had 3 sons, James (our ancestor),Thomas Jr.,and Robert. Eventually James moved his family to  Franklin County, PA in or about 1775. The family consisted of James and his wife Agnes, sons John, James, Joseph and a daughter Jane.

John (our ancestor) joined the  company of riflemen commanded by Capt.James Chambers. John served from 1775 to 1780 and achieved the rank of Ensign although he then resigned and went to Philadelphia and sailed aboard the privateer vessel" The Fair American" commanded by Capt. Decatur. John, James and Jane relocated to Orange County NC and John later moved to Sumner County, TN.